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Now that you’re under contract, within the timeframe until closing, we have what are called a series of “Objection Deadlines”. There are a multitude of potential objection deadlines based on the property type and contract type, but generally speaking, these are the major ones that we will go through:

Earnest Money Deadline:

The deadline to get your initial deposit of good faith submitted to the title company. This is negotiable but is usually around 1% of the home price.


Inspection Objection

Typically within 7-10 day. You will have a licensed home inspector conduct and submit your home inspection report. Once we review, and with contract terms in mind, we will submit an “Inspection Objection” with our requests for either repairs, credits, or nothing at all to the sellers. And be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars on it. But it’s worth every penny if there are serious defects in the property. And you can walk away from the contract and get your earnest money deposit back at any point during this period if what we find is too much to deal with.

Title Deadline

Typically within 10-14 days. This is the deadline in which you get to review the title commitment as well as any CIC or HOA documents. Should we find issues, we will object and hopefully resolve the issues, otherwise we can walk away and have your earnest money returned.


Property Insurance Deadline

Typically within 10-14 days. You will want to contact an insurance company or agent and get quoted on homeowner’s insurance. This gives you the opportunity to review costs and possible prior claims on the home. Should insurance be too expensive to afford or even unattainable due to conditions of the property, you will have the right to walk away and have your earnest money returned.


Appraisal Deadline

Typically within 14-21 days. This is the date by which the appraisal is due back by the appraiser. You will have the right to object, negotiate, or walk away from the deal if the appraisal comes in low, unless we have offered an appraisal gap guarantee inside of the contract.


Loan Conditions

Typically within 20-27 days. This is the date by which your lender commits to giving you the loan. Be prepared to turn over a lot of paperwork throughout the entire process: bank statements, check stubs, tax returns, etc. And be careful about making any large or unusual deposits or charges during this time. This includes applying for any other type of credit, even to buy furniture or appliances. Your credit will be run again just before the closing, so don’t make any changes that will affect it. 


There are several other deadlines relating to Surveys, Due Diligence, and others, which will discuss further when writing your offer.

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