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Obviously technology has changed the way REALTORS do business, because in some ways it has eliminated a big part of what we do. With that being said, as your agent, our job is about a LOT MORE than just finding you a house. Below is a list of just a few reasons why:

  1. We negotiate on your behalf to get you the best price and terms possible.

  2. We can do things that the internet cannot do when it comes to searching for homes.

  3. We personally know areas, neighborhoods, school systems, demographics, and more.

  4. We work for you 24/7 so when you are at work, we are out there looking for that home.

  5. We are problem solvers. We find solutions that come up during the process and take care of them.

  6. We understand the real estate rules, title laws, lending laws, contract laws, state laws, etc..

  7. We can spot a mile away when someone is trying to take advantage of your situation and we protect you from it.

  8. We look to help you develop long-term growth and stability in your life by providing expertise and advice in the purchase of your home.

  9. We love to help you. One of the greatest joys in life and part of the American dream is homeownership. We help you get there.

  10. We get you to the closing table and we get the keys to your new home in your hand. Period.

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